Are you a mediocre boss? How to identify them!

It`s not easy, but not impossible.
There are many and different types of leaders, there are good ones and bad ones ( I don't want to extend myself with the uncountable numbers of adjectives) then there is the Mediocre.
To work near one of them (the Mediocre) can affect your emotional health, so you need to identify him (or her) as soon as you can.

During my career I knew a lot of leaders and now I am sharing with you the five points to detect the leader who won't help you at all during your journey in the company.

1. The Mediocre always knows the answer

If you make a interesting suggestion to your boss, he or she will always find a way to belittle or ignore. Mediocrity is accompanied by arrogance and never threatens the authority, so always come with answers like: "I had already thought of that" or "you do not know how this company works."

A good leader knows how to listen and ask more questions to good proposals, always thinks about the team is flexible.

2. The mediocre leaders always emphasize what is being done wrong.

For a team to grow is necessary to highlight the achievements of their peers, that would make a good leader. Conversely, a mediocre leader always point errors, even if it's represented only 1% of the work, the other 99% of good job will be discarded to make room for error.

The mediocre leader just want to maintain everything under his (or her)  control,  to create divisions into the team and unbalance their workers. If you are afraid to work because at any moment can make a mistake, you need to consider two things: 1st you have a bad leader and 2nd you are losing the ability to achieve great things.

3. The mediocre bosses never work with people better than them

Strong leaders hire people they trust, that means they trust themselves and  others also who can help him to improve their management.
The mediocre bosses doubt themselves and have constant fear to be replaced because they don't feel capable enough and they just  want to work with people who only execute orders and not question.

4.The mediocre bosses do not want to hear other ideas

In a well-led team they are constantly sharing ideas to solve problems and obstacles that may arise to the group; It is almost a challenge to deepen the more intractable problems and address them bearing in mind all their staff.
In the other corner, a poorly led team that only obey, they don't say and they don't  know anything about the problems, probably because if they know about, they could threaten the authority.

5. Mediocre bosses are afraid ... very afraid!

The key to understand the behaviour of a mediocre boss is to observe his distrust, because they are afraid not only to their bosses, their peers and also even his own shadow. They feel always at the limit, so constantly lash out against people who do not fit their malicious temperament.

After reading this post, take a look at your leader, then evaluate and compare him (or her) with the list, after that, you know what do you need to do: run like an a devil so far as you can or invite him (or her) for a drink.

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