Nice deco, good prices and excellence service.

I had a chat with my son. 
Actually I have always chats with my son but this time we were talking about my job. 
He is 9 years old and his passion is rugby, so far from hospitality business where I work.

We were in front of one restaurant and I asked him: 

- Imagine you want to increase the business.If you need customers to come, What do you do? 
- Very easy Dad, nice deco, good prices and excellence service. 
- Well, do you forget something?
- No. it's simple like that
- What about food quality?
- Are you joking? This is not an option, it must be "the top" like at home, isn't it?

Nine years old. 
Of course he doesn't know about Market, status, revenue, P&L, etc but he knows the Secrets already.
I wonder if he get it so easy and quick, why most of the business men don't?

The conversation went on, he talked about all the restaurants that we use to go and the reasons why we always go there to have lunch or dinner.

- Dad, you love The Balcon because is lovely and the service is excellent.
- How do you know that? you have never been there!
- Yeah but Mom always talk about it with her friends when we go to Sofia´s home. But I prefer  Loch Fyne in Covent Garden, or Five Guys instead.

It make sense. You can find the three ingredients he mentioned before in the two places (well, Five Guys... but he is 9 so is good)

The Hospitality business it's so easy. There are no secrets. A 9 years old kid know it!!

If something doesn't work is because the people who works there doesn't care or because the Managers don't care about, and if they don't care is because the Company doesn't care.
The domino effect.

Somebody should do something about it, otherwise to hire a new F&B Director it can be a waste time.

Perhaps to hire a rugby player could be an option, isn't it? 

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